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  • MembersFREE
  • Adults$18.50
  • Senior (60 years +)$14.81
  • Youth (13-17 years)$14.81
  • Children (3-12 years)$10.00
  • Under 3 yearsFREE
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Day Camps



Not sure how to keep the kids busy when school is out and you are busy? Treat them to a one-of-a-kind adventure at Assiniboine Park and Zoo where they'll enjoy a jam-packed day filled with awesome animals, cool art, amazing nature, and non-stop fun!

  • Ages: Grades 1 to 4
  • Dates: February 2, March 13, April 24
  • Daily Fees: $36 + GST (members), $39 + GST (non-members)

Are you ready for a polar adventure? Join us at the Assiniboine Park Zoo as we explore Journey to Churchill. Learn to live like a polar bear, caribou, or Arctic fox on our sub-Arctic quest and make the most of Canada’s amazing new northern animal exhibits

Are you starting to get tired of the snow? This is your chance to visit the lush jungles right here at Assiniboine Park and Zoo. Journey us to the Conservatory's Palm House as well as Toucan Ridge in the Zoo, all in the hopes of beating back the winter blues.

This is the purr-fect day camp to learn about the wonderful world of cats. Learn about leopards, lions and lynx and discover how close the amazing felines you have at home are to their wild cousins.



Step into spring at Assiniboine Park and Zoo! As the world wakes up from it's winter slumber, it's the perfect time for kids to get outside and discover the wonders of nature at Assiniboine Park and Zoo.

  • Ages: Grades 1 to 6
  • Dates: March 30 to April 2 (register for single days or the whole week)
    • Tuesday, March 31 – FULL
    • Thursday, April 2 – FULL
  • Daily Fees: $36 + GST (members), $39 + GST (non-members)
  • Weekly Fees: $144 + GST (members), $156 + GST (non-members)



Send your kids to the only Zoo Camp in town! Children will enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure featuring animals, nature, art and non-stop fun! They will learn about animal behaviours, the environment, and nature in a fun and educational setting.

  • Ages: Grades 1 to 6
  • Dates: single day camps on July 2 & 3 plus weekly camps from July 6 to September 4
  • Daily Fees (July 2 and/or 3): $39 + GST (members), $44 + GST (non-members)
  • Weekly Fees (5 day weeks): $195 + GST (members), $220 + GST (non-members)
  • Weekly Fees (4 day weeks): $156 + GST (members), $176 + GST (non-members)


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